What are OTM?

What are OIDA Therapy Meditations (OTM)?

OIDA Therapy has createddifferent methodologies that help people to become familiar with their beliefs and, if necessary, to transform them toward a healthy, responsible and happy goal.

OIDA Therapy Meditations(OTM)are a compilationof the experiences and testimonials of faith that have been converted intofamous quotes,works of art, photographs and inspired stories which help us to reestablish or strengthen our healing faith, balance and happiness in life.

In this way, we reawaken wisdom teachings in order to reassure ourselves in our daily lives so we may live and motivate ourselves on the path of healing. They can be used as daily meditations, as guidance for making important decisions or as guides for improving relationships with others and with the environment.

The OIDA Therapy Meditations (OTM) have great potential to give us inner strength and facilitate the transformation for which we are yearning. We can meditate daily on their messages and reflect on the way to apply them in our lives.

OIDA Therapists use the OIDA Therapy Meditations (OTM) in their therapeutic sessions, in seminars and courses that are offered in educational institutions or simply as a tool for contemplation for all living beings.

Faith is a phenomenon which strengthens our lives and helps us to appreciate the marvelous gifts we have received from Mother Nature, the Supreme Being and the teachings of the messengers of light from different mystical traditions.

OIDA Therapy Meditations are a way to help us to maintain ourselves on the path of responsibility and love, a common destiny we all share.

Many thanks.

Swami Paramadvaiti - Ulrich Harlan

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